"lightbulb" moment

Working with Shamsheer has been a game-changer, as she has helped me transform my mindset, identify and challenge self-limiting beliefs, and reach a new level of personal growth during my job hunt. From the first session, it was evident Shamsheer truly understands the power of introspection. Shamsheer has a remarkable talent for asking probing questions to guide me towards the root causes of my issues, without ever imposing her own solutions. Also, Shamsheer created a safe space where vulnerability is welcomed and celebrated as part of the process. I felt comfortable sharing my insecurities with her, knowing she would meet me with empathy and without judgment. Once we identified these deep-seated beliefs and thought patterns, she helped me take action. With her guidance, I have been able to reframe my perspective and transform my mindset to become more confident. Each session with Shamsheer has led to a “lightbulb” moment of self awareness. I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone seeking to embark on a transformative action-focused journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Elena C

positive sounding board

Searching for a product role can be a tough and grueling process. For most proactive candidates, they already know the tools and approaches to find what they want. What's missing is the guidance and coaching in between so you have a structured process and you don't feel alone. Shamsheer is an excellent mentor that did exactly that for me, bringing organization to the approach and acting as a positive sounding board week after week. I love the dynamic of us working together and her regularly checking in for feedback to improve for the next session. I highly recommend working with her, and am looking forward to continuing my own journey! Saif M

What Coaching Looks Like

Together, we create mini strategies each session for you to test & then we iterate!

Weekly 1:1 Sessions

Iterative Experimentation for Fast Learnings

Probing Questions to Uncover Blockers

Judgement Free Space to Clarify Next Steps

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